The Museum has been founded in 1953 at the initiative of the historians and people fascinated by the rich cultural history of the town. The museum consists of five buildings: Kromerowka, Barian Rokicki`House , Councillor`s Tower , Smith`s Tower and the Prison – the so-called “Turma” which is located in the vaults of the Town Hall.

In the first four sections one can see the permanent exhibitions:
Kromerowka: the monuments of the material culture, from Neolithic age to 20 th century, the exhibits connected with the town and the region.

Barian Rokicki`s House – the pharmaceutic past of Podkarpacie, exhibits connected with the musical culture of the town and the region, sculpture ( Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque), middle class culture.

The Councillor`s Tower – handicraft of Biecz and the region.

The Smith`s Tower – the archeological exhibitions , exhibits connected with Biecz scouting, paintings.