Museum's object's

Museum’s object’s


Museum Kromerówka ( Museum of Kromer House)
ul. Kromera 3
38- 340 Biecz
Tel. /013/4471093

Museum Kromerówka ( Museum of Kromer House) , is located in the old Renaissance burgher`s house from 1519. The are many original architectural elements from Renaissance in it. The arrangement of the rooms is original too. The barrel vaults with lunettes , beautifully carved portal from 1612 with the Jan Januszowicz`s possession mark and the columns made in the same style between windows are worthy of notice. The exhibition refers to the splendor of this town in the past, including the material and townspeople`s intellectual culture in Biecz and the whole region. The exhibition of headsmen`s handicraft , rich collection of old prints form the burghers libraries are here for good. The biographical section of the exhibition refers to the outstanding people connected with Biecz – Marcin Kromer and Wacław Potocki.


The Museum “ The house with the turret”
ul. Węgierska 1
38-340 Biecz
Te. /013/4471328

The Museum “ The house with the turret” is located in the burgher`s house from 1523. There used to be first pharmacy in Podkarpacie region, funded in 1557 by the pharmacist Marcin Barian Rokicki. The pharmacy was in this building until 1700. After preservation works 1970s, its original renaissance appearance was restored. The exhibition of the museum refers to the original use of this house, so you can see the exhibit’s from pharmacy here, which are not only of local importance.


The Museum Smith`s Tower
Pl. Bpa Marcina Kromera
38-340 Biecz

The Museum Smith`s Tower is the reconstructed is the reconstructed and rebuilt turret. After the preservation works in 1980s it was given to the museum. The exhibition is open here from 1990.


Rynek 1
38-340 Biecz

“Turma” which is located in the vaults of the Town Hall.